Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bulking Experiment Results

So I went heavy on my workouts this past month and a half. Tried to eat as clean as I could, with a number of exceptions :\

Bodyweight: 170lbs > 180lbs
Deadlifts (for 24 reps): 135 > 225
Dips(for 15 reps): bw +15 > bw +50
DB Bench Press(for 3x15): 65lb dbs > 75lb dbs

Left shoulder got injured during a set of db bench presses

Take Aways
- If your form is going bad discontinue the set right away!
- Working out fasted is awesome in terms of growth. No difference in gains if I didn't have something Post workout...
- Deadlifting barefoot is great, I cant believe I never tried it before.

Whats next?
- Going to cut. Need to lose some flub.
- Work on grip strength. Deadlift weight was being held back by grip giving out.
- Recuperate shoulder. No overhead lifting/dips. Lots of pushups with added weight.

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