Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Day at a Time

Here’s an interesting thought: Set a goal for yourself and then promise yourself that everyday you will do at least 1 thing to get closer to accomplishing it. Make sure your goal is very specific and really hold yourself accountable for this 1 thing.

If its weight-loss is your goal, make sure you do one thing every day that will get you to that goal. Go for that walk, skip sugar all day, don’t eat simple carbs.

If its making money, make sure you save a certain amount everyday and put it away in a savings account.

Say your goal is dead-lifting 300lbs – then make sure you go up 2.5lbs every workout.

Sounds simple. I am going to try this. I will set 3 goals for myself and everyday I will make sure I do something that gets me closer to accomplishing them.

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