Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year “Resolutionists”

gymThe local gym is pretty busy these days. In fact, its always busy this time of the year. There are lines of people waiting for the cardio machines. It takes 20 minutes to find parking (and my gym has a 4-level parking garage!). The changing rooms are crowded.

However, year after year, everything returns to normal and the gym is once again sparsely populated (relatively speaking of course) by the time February rolls around. Its a something my friends have termed “The mystery of the disappearing New Year  Revolutionists”.

Its a very curios thing. I’ve never really understood it. however, I think I have a working theory on why people drop their new year resolutions: The goals we set are too high.GreatWallJinshanlingToSimatai

If you try to work out for an hour everyday at the gym, you will get bored pretty fast. Its not a lack of motivation, its a lack of proper planning.

My advice would be make more realistic resolutions. A good example, if you’ve led a hereto forth sedentary lifestyle, is to promise that you will take a 10 minute walk everyday.

Once you start doing this regularly, not only will you be in better shape, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment that will motivate you further. At this point you can incrementally increase the amount of exercise you get.

Remember, baby steps. That’s the key.

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